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Pokki Pomodoro Timer

Please download and enjoy!  Leave any feedback (positive or negative) as a comment on this page or on the Google+ page for this app.

Download Pomodoro Timer for Pokki

A Pomodoro timer is a countdown-timer that helps you manage your time by breaking up work into 25 minute chunks.  You start the timer, and forget about it.  (You can minimize it while it is running).

While the timer is minimized, it shows in your Windows taskbar with the number of minutes remaining…

…and when its done, it plays a little egg-timer sound to let you know its time to take a short break.

As shown above, the timer also shows a history of how many times you do this per day.


This is a history of changes to the Pomodoro Timer.

Version 3.0

Google Calendar integration.  Besides letting you view and link to your calendar, the timer will warn you when you are about to start a Pomodoro that will run into your next calendar event.

Altered Navigation.  I felt that the navigation was too large and obtrusive.  Changed to the “dot” style common in many mobile platforms.

Version 2.0



Download Pomodoro Timer for Pokki


  1. Ben says:

    Simple but usefull app. Thanks.
    A feature a need : a flashing icon or message, because I have no sound at work…

    • Steve Campbell says:

      @Ben, thanks for the input. Unfortunately Pokki does not support flashing icons or alerts right now, although I believe they are planning to do something along those lines. When they do, I’ll be sure to take advantage of it :)

  2. avishrant says:

    very usefull app, why does it warn after the break is over,i mean a timer should go off after a break is over

    • DukeyToo says:

      I never thought of that. I use the break as more of a get up from my seat type of thing, but if you’re staying at your desk then it makes sense to have a more audible/visible alert when the break is over. Thanks for the great suggestion!

    • bilbobaglin says:

      I second this. A tiny little number at the bottom of my screen is scarecly enough, I keep missing the end of my break. (Even if I get up from my desk I am rarely far away.

  3. Rey says:

    Can it be set to “tick” like the mechanical version?
    “… Its tick-tock sound will accompany you throughout your tasks and help you stay focused…”

  4. bilbobaglin says:

    An additional useful feature to go with an break alarm would be a countinuous running option (as almost all other versions of pomodoro timers have).

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