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Introducing… Pokki Pomodoro Timer

For fun, and for a chance at winning $30K, I created this small Pokki app. Please download and enjoy!

Download Pomodoro Timer for Pokki

A Pomodoro timer is just a little countdown-timer that helps you manage your time by breaking up work into 25 minute chunks.

While the timer runs, it also shows in your taskbar with the number of minutes remaining…

…and when its done, it plays a little egg-timer sound to let you know its time to take a short break.

Download Pomodoro Timer for Pokki


  1. Pat says:

    Thanks for the app. I love the Pomodoro technique and am all in favor of more apps to make it easy to implement.

    There is one change that I would make if I could: Since the break in between pomodoros is part of the technique, it should be a first-class citizen of the application, i.e. there should be a second time value and start button dedicated just to the break. This second time value should not increment the pomodoros shown on the bottom of the app when it’s done.

    And, since there should be a longer break for every four p’s, maybe that timer should get its own input and start button too.

    So, to summarize, if there were two more inputs and start buttons with all the behavior of the first input (showing the count in the taskbar, ringing when done) except incrementing the pomodoro count (images at the bottom of the app), this app would rock! (Note, maybe the ‘break’ inputs could say ‘start break’ instead of ‘start’ to indicate that they are for that purpose.)

    Thanks for the app!

    P.S. If I could make one more change, it would be the ability to specify a .wav (or other) file for the timer sound. The default is a little too jarring for me :-). I like the one at better.

    P.P.S. For another change, I would allow the volume to be set (and tested, by a ‘test’ or ‘play’ button) in the app. I often listen to quiet (e.g. classical) music and so I have the speakers up very high, but then this app just blasts when the timer is expired.

  2. Steve Campbell says:

    Thanks so much for the great feedback! I wanted to start it simple and wait to see if people liked it before spending too much effort in adding features. So far about 50 people have it installed, which is a great start considering I did not publicize it much.

    I’ll definitely add your notes to the feature list. Thanks again!

  3. Ingrid says:

    Just curious if other users had issues with installation due to Norton “security”?

  4. RSmol says:

    The documentation is written pokki that the application can not work more than 30 minutes
    How did you solve this problem? Thank you. Sorry for my bad English

  5. Steve Campbell says:


    The background page is essentially always running. There is also a flag that you can set to request that it not be unloaded:

    (The javascript code for the timer runs on the background page, and I use the API above to prevent it from being unloaded while it is running).

  6. Steve Campbell says:

    Version 2 has been released. The update is automatic if you already have the app installed. New features:

    * Settings page with settings for breaks, volume, ring sound
    * Support for user specified break-periods

  7. Tanya says:

    Love this app, need it on my MAC. Please make it so!